I am not good at pranks, like coming up with them. At the same time, I’m judgy about them. Taking someone’s underwear drawer and dispersing the contents on the lawn isn’t funny to me. To me it’s weak and unimaginative and boring. My favourite today, because I really wanted it to be true, and kinda fell for it because I’m an idiot, was this one.

So …Gwen Stefani tried. On Instagram.


It's a girl ❤️💕❤️gx

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OK but how many other people did this today? Lots. 90% of it probably came on Facebook…which…is pretty much where cool sh-t goes to die. I don’t want to think of Gwen Stefani that way. Should I blame it on what she’s wearing?

Check her out in New York today to promote her album in a couple of different super basic outfits that are so totally not Stefani steeze. Right? Look at these clothes. How did they find their way into her closet?