Here’s another example of how celebrities are Just Not Like Us…

When you go on holiday somewhere hot, you might bring multiple swimwear changes, right? For men, at least two pairs of swim shorts. For women… I go with a couple of bikinis, minimum, just so one set can dry every other day. I’ve known women who never wear the same bikini twice on a one week trip.

It’s different though on a snow holiday. When you go skiing or snowboarding, how many outfits do you have? Do you wear the same pants and mayyyyyyybe change up the jacket every other day? For me, it’s the same, every single day.

If you’re Gwen Stefani though, so far, it’s four and counting. Four completely different tops and bottoms.

Gwen and Gavin Rossdale have been at Mammoth Mountain Resort with their kids over Christmas. As you can see, every day it’s a different look. She’s got any army colours set. And a red and black camo print set. And a white one that dips lower in the back with a black stripe. And yesterday it was leopard print over baby blue pants. I mean they’re all great. They’re all super cute and stylish. But ….what does she do with it all afterwards?!?! Because she’s not known for recycling her clothes. A bikini doesn’t take up much room. Snow gear is bulky and space-consuming and, yeah, OK, they live in enormous homes, these celebrities, but with three boys and two bands and the accumulation of all these experiences, no one has an unlimited amount of closet space.