I am devastated. This is two years in a row now that Gwyneth Paltrow has under-delivered at the MET Gala. Last year she gave us a preview of Anne Hathaway’s eventual Oscar dress that was supposed to be Valentino but ended up being Prada because of Amanda Seyfried, except in silver. Click here for a refresher.

This time my G’s in pink Valentino with a pantyhose stripe across the chest and it’s creasing unflatteringly across the waist and, well, hilariously it’s everything that isn’t punk because she’s pretty much everything that is patrician. G didn’t want to have smudged black eyes and ripped sleeves for her victory lap. Haven’t you heard? Iron Man 3 is a box office monster. Congratulations should be accepted only in your own skin.

Here she is getting fangirled by Psy inside the party:

And check this out -- both Martins agreeing to pose in a photo together, albeit separated by other guests.

Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin posing in a photo together a... on Twitpic