Gwyneth Paltrow was photographed in Hyde Park yesterday. She’s wearing Ray-Bans. She was hanging out in the Ray-Ban area. Chris Martin (not pictured) was there as well to watch The Strokes perform. All musicians are fangirls of Julian Casablancas, aren’t they?

If both Gwyneth and Chris are in London, presumably it’s a family trip. A summer trip to see the relatives then? G moved them away a couple of years ago after over a decade of English living. For many, looking back, that was the sign that the marriage was done. And of course her boyfriend, Brad Falchuk, lives in LA and they’d been getting close for at least a year before the official conscious uncoupling announcement. The latest gossip however is that G and Brad F are close to breaking up. Which would be good gossip, indeed. BUT. This originates at Life & Style. And I don’t want to waste any gossip energy on a report that came from Life & Style. Please. Please don’t make me. Because it’s Friday. And you know what happens on Friday afternoons? Hollywood likes to bury announcements before everyone takes off for the weekend, usually breakup announcements. And we’re due for one. And G and Brad F aren’t significant enough for a Friday bury. I’m not saying this will be the weekend for a bombshell Friday bury, I’m just telling you to be vigilant.

PS. Obsessed with the sweater G is wearing here.