Coldplay kicks off the A Head Full Of Dreams tour in Buenos Aires on Thursday. The band has been there the last few days and bandmembers, with the exception of Chris Martin, have been seen sightseeing around the area. Also seen sightseeing, on her own – Annabelle Wallis. You’ll recall, she was also with Chris at the Super Bowl. They’ve been dating (that we know of) since August. And, you’ll also recall, he’s so into her that he’s danced down the streets and kissed her in Paris for the paps with her. Click here for a refresher.

Look who’s also arrived in Buenos Aires. Gwyneth Paltrow and the kids were photographed at the airport today. You think they’ll all be sitting together at the show? You think Annabelle’s been welcomed into G’s crew? Annabelle’s more likely than Jennifer Lawrence. But then again…for how long?

Annabelle’s been cast in Tom Cruise’s The Mummy reboot. So if she’s taking those kinds of projects, she’s positioning for a certain kind of career. And if her name gets any bigger, I’m not sure it’s G who’ll have a problem with it. Will Chris Martin start booking it down the street to avoid being seen with her?