After spending the weekend in Mexico – click here to see those pictures – Gwyneth Paltrow showed up in Lanvin at the Hollywood premiere of Mortdecai alongside the entire cast. This dress only works from the back. And I get it, she has an awesome back. But pictures don’t happen from the back. They happen from the front. It happens to be boring as f-ck from the front. Also, those shoes are beneath her. So it’s a major disappointment. Because Gwyneth on a carpet is usually good for much more. She was good for a lot more the last time she was premiering a movie on this block. Two years ago, across the street at the El Capitan, you remember this?

Maybe you hated that Antonio Berardi. But at least it was something to talk about.

So let’s talk instead about what happened after the carpet. At the Mortdecai after-party at Chateau Marmont. An impeccable source tells me exclusively that Gwyneth was there with Brad Falchuk. They were holding hands. So they are definitely still together and they seemed very, very happy. My contact described it as follows:

“GP holding hands with Brad Falchuk. Looked crazy perfect.”

To sum up, G has a boyfriend. And they’re open in public but just not in PUBLIC.