Gwyneth Paltrow was photographed in the Hamptons yesterday looking ready for or coming from the beach with friends. Where’s the boyfriend? The boyfriend is supposedly Brad Falchuk, producer of both Glee and American Horror Story. And they’re apparently officially dating now that both are properly uncoupled. I guess that’s the justification then. It’s not as offside as it could be if it’s more than just a one-time. She would rationalise it like that, wouldn’t she?

Great Expectations was on tv the other night. When was the last time you watched it? It was 1998. Remember when we were on the gossip nostalgia with Carolyn Bessette style last week? Click here for a refresher. This was the era. And Gwyneth’s New York wardrobe from this film stills stands up. The matching green top and skirt at the water fountain? Totally Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy.

And the dinner dress when they kissed in the rain?

I would not be sad if the sleeveless turtleneck came back.