Gwyneth Paltrow has joined Instagram. What a perfect way to open the day. How many other stars make headlines for starting a social media account? It was a headline over at The CUT yesterday and several other sites.


With some celebrities, you don’t give a sh-t what they had for lunch, you don’t care about the view they have from their hotel room, it doesn’t matter what their dog looks like at bedtime. Gwyneth? Even if you hate her, ESPECIALLY if you hate her, a seemingly innocuous photo becomes so much more. If she posts a photo of what she ordered at a restaurant, you’ll be either noting the portion size, or the spelty-ness of it, or whether or not she used the right fork. (Can you imagine if G used the wrong fork?) If she gives you a shot from her holiday, you’ll pay attention to every detail on her bikini. Or tankini. Why is G wearing a tankini?

Partly it’s because G set it up that way. Her status now as a Lifestyle Guru automatically encourages to scrutinise the lifestyle – and then judge it. Her claim to “be in the know” almost challenges us to examine whether or not she really knows.

So what was G’s first Instagram photo? It was a picture of her with Jason Wu. Of course. So that you remember that fashion people love her. So that you remember that everyone who’s “anyone” wants to be her friend. So that you will wonder which “friend” will show up next. And it definitely won’t be you.