Gwyneth Paltrow did not want the paps to shoot her face on Mother’s Day. Check her out yesterday at lunch, with Chris Martin, presumably celebrating with their kids. While G did not appreciate being photographed, she did post on Instagram a letter written to her by her son, Moses. Or “Momo”. That’s his nickname.




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Well, that’s what social media is for, isn’t it? Twitter/Instagram/Periscope/Facebook – this is where we go now when we want to show off. What other reason could G possibly have for sharing Momo’s message? She wants you to know that her son loves her because she’s a good mother. She wants us to know that her son is proud of her because she has a good website.

So… she’s basically Scott Eastwood. (Click here for a refresher.)

And my G, she’s supposed to be above that. She’s supposed to be more subtle about her boasting. She’s supposed to be more privileged in her bragging. But even G couldn’t resist using social media to seek validation. Even G, who hangs out in the most exclusive circles, who has access to the most exclusive events, who knows the most exclusive people, even G needed the most common confirmation: Gwyneth Paltrow counts on her “likes”.