Can I just complain again about how “goop” is styled, all lower case? It looks so stupid in the title.

It’s an annual tradition. Every year for the last few years now, Gwyneth Paltrow’s goop releases a holiday gift guide. And every year, people lose their f-cking minds complaining about and criticising the extravagance of the recommendations. This year, the goop Gift Guides are divided into categories: the traveller, the host, the lover, the thinker, and more, etc. The last category is The Ridiculous, But Awesome Gift Guide. And that’s where you’ll find the leather bicycle and…the yurt. The $8300 yurt.

Can you hear the people screaming?

Goop posted the gift guides yesterday. And already there are commentary articles about it at PEOPLE, Vanity Fair, E! News, Food & Wine, Town & Country, Parent Herald, and Entertainment Tonight. By the time you read this, there will be more. How many other gift guides get this much attention?

You might say that Gwyneth has created a thing, an annual event, that people wait for every year. It’s not like she doesn’t know that people get really pissed about her suggestions. At this point, then, it’s deliberate. And that’s exactly what she’d be taking back to her investors. Look, the gift guide is up. And it’s being picked up everywhere. Vanity Fair’s on it. So is this outlet and that outlet and even though they’re all mocking, show me another gift guide on the market that’s getting this much FREE MEDIA.

Remind you of anyone?

Over the last few months, and particularly now, there’s been a lot of analysis about Donald Trump’s media presence and how and whether or not the media legitimised his candidacy by covering his every rally, every speech, every appearance. Every outrage. It was free media by outrageousness. The goop Gift Guide is like the Trump of gift guides.

I haven’t checked out all the gift guides yet. But the first one I looked at was the Personalised Gift Guide because I love monogramming all my sh-t. You can buy monogrammed ping pong paddles! Um, check out the personalised pillows though:

Here’s Gwyneth at an event at the beginning of the month in New York.