Sh-tty week for my G last week as her war with Vanity Fair made headlines all over the place and Martha Stewart told her to stay in her lane. Here she is leaving Hakkasan in London last night after dinner.

As you know now, Vanity Fair and Graydon Carter are moving ahead with their Gwyneth Paltrow profile over her objections. And since she objected so vociferously, asking all her famous friends to not talk to the magazine ever again, the magazine is now behaving like it has an ax to grind. According to Page Six, they’ve been asking about her connection to billionaire Jeffrey Soffer who is now married to Elle Macpherson. But back in 2008, he invited G to hang out with him in Miami for his hotel opening. Ahem. Didn’t I call this back in April? Sorry. I was smug there and I apologise.

Anyway, back then the Paltrow-Martin marriage was strained. There were reports that Chris Martin was unfaithful. There were all kinds of rumours that a divorce was imminent. People in London kept talking about him with an attractive lawyer. And of course Kate Bosworth. Eventually the two were able to work through whatever it was that was troubling them. She has alluded to this obliquely many times in interviews. Now, by all accounts, they seem to be more solid than they’ve ever been the last two years. Though the implication here is that G had an affair with Soffer, it’s not yet clear whether or not Vanity Fair was able to confirm it. Until we read the article then, what’s interesting so far is that they actually followed that lead. That they are so interested in exposing the “ugly” side of Gwyneth that they’re following a rumour. Like, they’re being as hostile to G as they were to Tom Cruise.

G’s publicist, Stephen Huvane, commented on the Soffer story last week. Apparently he was “angry” about it:

“Jeff is a longtime friend of Gwyneth’s and there was no romantic relationship with him at all, He flew many of his friends to Miami that weekend – not just Gwyneth.”

So how do the rest of them respond? Will they be cowed by how Vanity Fair’s been treated G and kiss VF ass? Or will VF’s aggressive G-hating turn them off…which is what she was rallying them towards in the first place? Huvane also represents Jennifer Aniston, Anne Hathaway, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Julianne Moore, Kirsten Dunst, and several others. If they weren’t convinced before, when she emailed them, that Vanity Fair should be avoided, what do you think they’re thinking now?