If you’ve seen Pitch Perfect 2, you know Hailee Steinfeld has a good voice. It’s a little scratchy and it sounds full. Also she can act. This is not a case of a talented person with one arm that’s stronger than the other, like JLO. We can all agree JLO’s voice is pretty thin, right?
So Hailee Steinfeld’s released her first single, Love Myself. Pretty sure it’s about what I think it’s about. And that’s great. I can get behind this message. I plan to Love Myself at some point this weekend with Charlie Hunnam.

As for the music…well… it’s OK? Many have already pointed out that Love Myself sounds like a Taylor Swift song. Totally. It sounds like a Taylor Swift long list song. Like one of 25 or 30 songs she might have written for an album but it didn’t make the final cut. I mean it’s fine. But it’s not that much more than fine, you know? I think she can do better. I think she will do better.

You can’t do much better than these pants though.

Check her out this morning in New York promoting Love Myself in a crop top and a pair of high waisted, zippered, cuffed black pants that I need to be wearing all fall.