I have friends, and I won’t out you Michelle, who’ve always had some “I shouldn’t be feeling this way” quiver about Rupert Grint/Ron Weasley. Never seen it myself…until now.

Another Harry Potter moment that will make you cry. Steel yourselves.

The cast members were asked to, for Empire (they had AMAZING access to promote the final), sum up their Harry Potter experience in One Word. I hate games like that, by the way. Too much pressure.

Anyway, they’ve it put it to this goose fleshy music and your throat will tighten up from watching, and that’s all exacerbated by the fact that Rupert takes his time, is very well lit, and is wearing a leather jacket, and is so thoughtful and gorgeous about the question that, suddenly for that minute or so, for me anyway, it was a revelation: ummm…is Ron Weasley actually a little sexy? Is this very, very wrong?

Also, OH MY GOD Emma is so beautiful. And there’s so much… future! In her face!

Imagine them? Closing the book on the most monumental decade at JUST 21 and having so much ahead of you? If ever there was a face that could illustrate that particular experience, it’s Emma’s.

Here’s a new poster for HP 7B. I don’t know how I will deal. It all ends…

July 15.