Harry Styles performed on The X Factor with One Direction last night in a headband wearing an earring. And his shirt open low. And, ordinarily, that would give me the feelings in between my legs. But on Saturday he was in France at an awards show and reportedly flew back late just to spend time with that Kardashian in London, seen here arriving at her hotel well past 2am.

Nobody’s “just talking” at 2 o’clock in the morning.

And he could have just “not talked” over in Paris where, I’m sure, many others would have been willing to “not talk” with him, no problem.

This is a problem.

It happens to be the 3rd problem in as many weeks. And as I wrote last week, one or two might be forgivable, but three? Three is where I think I have to find another inappropriate perversion. Let me end my year off clean then, and begin dirty anew in 2014.