Henry Cavill is confirmed to present at the Oscars on Sunday. Batman vs Superman opens in exactly a month. So they’ve decided it will be Superman repping the movie and not Batfleck. Which kinda makes sense when you consider that Jennifer Garner is also presenting.

Henry has never been to the Oscars – or if he has, he’s never been photographed there. He has however attended the annual Vanity Fair Oscar party; it was back in 2013. And this is what that looked like:


I liked him so much then. And now I realise it was because I like her so much, Gina Carano.

Henry arrived in LA ahead of Oscar weekend, just in time for all the parties, and all the networking, yesterday with his girlfriend Tara King, a student, 19 years old. How’s that for a boyfriend bonus. Being his plus 1 at the Oscars totally makes up for having to look at him wearing these jeans.