Henry Cavill was in Dublin this weekend attending the Groove Festival. Those are not festival-fitting jeans. Those are not any-fitting jeans. God I’ve never wanted to go shopping with/for a guy so badly. There has to be a pair of pants that works for him. I refuse to believe that this is impossible.

Anyway, as you can see, Henry no longer has a beard. He’d been working one for a few months. But Comic-Con is just a few days away. And Batman vs Superman is supposed to be the big showcase this weekend. This is where they start building that momentum. So there’s a lot riding on the presentation, and not just for Ben Affleck. Like the fact that, at least to me, Superman’s been overshadowed by Batman. No one cares about Superman.

Man Of Steel was on TV this weekend. Jacek had never seen it before so we watched the second half of it together. He was like, “This guy is really, really goodlooking…but that’s it. Where’s the charisma?” It’s true. Henry Cavill is gorgeous. But I feel like having sex with him would be boring. Not that that’s a requirement to being Superman. I guess what’s essential to Superman is that he has to convince you that he’s the most decent. That he’s the most good. That he carries the burden of that goodness with him all that time. OK but why can’t he also have a saucy sense of humour?