Henry Cavill and Armie Hammer are currently promoting The Man From UNCLE. He’s also been rumoured for a part in the Fifty Shades sequel. So E! asked him if it was true – and this is how he reacted:

OK, so basically they’re trying to do the deal now? Because otherwise it’s a straight up “no”, right?

Cavill is not going to be replacing Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey. He’s up for the role of Jack Hyde. I have no idea what that is. I read the first book once, barely remember it other than I wasn’t turned on and the writing sucked, and am still only at 22% of Grey. I’m going to assume though, because Cavill is hot but bland, that he’s going to play a love rival to set up a love triangle. As for whether or not this is a good career move, Armie Hammer’s reaction to it will tell you everything. Go back and watch Armie. That’s how a friend punks another friend. Yeah, bite into this sandwich, it’s not spicy at all. Yeah, jump into this water, you should totally jump in the water, it’s not freezing at all. Yeah, you should definitely do Fifty Shades. It’s going to be awesome.

Well, maybe it will be awesome. This, after all, is a guy who played Superman… and is still NOT a household name.



Not a household name!

So maybe Fifty Shades of Darker Grey is exactly what he needs.