The final trailer for Man Of Steel was released yesterday. The movie opens June 14. And it’s going to be huge. Maybe not Avengers/Iron Man 3 huge but really, really big.

I saw Man Of Steel last weekend in advance of the junket. Reviews are embargoed until Monday. But I can tell you about my interview with Henry Cavill. Cavill is ridiculously beautiful. Amy Adams and I had a good laugh about this when we spoke because there are times you don’t think it’s possible, for someone to be so aesthetically perfect. It’s crazy. And it’s even crazier on film, the way he’s lit, the way he’s shot from the best angles. You’ll agree when you see it. His face is breathtaking. It’s truly breathtaking.

I messaged this to Sarah, who’d seen it a while ago, when I came out of the theatre last Saturday -- that Cavill is so good-looking it’s going to be a problem for a lot of people. Here’s what I wrote:

“Like that dimple in his chin? Jesus. He’s not really my type so I’ll be fine. But there are people who are going to lose their f-cking minds over this guy. I’m scared for him.”

We are totally scared for him. I almost feel bad for him. Because there’s going to be mass hysteria. And the fans he already has are kinda Twi-Hardy to begin with. Right now, Cavill can walk around pretty much unmolested. After Man Of Steel comes out? Never again. You remember when Robert Pattinson fans tried to strangle him a few years ago in New York? This will be Henry Cavill’s life now. Maybe worse.

How is he in person? Very nice. Very polite. Very sincere. Very...earnest. As prosaic as it sounds, kinda like... Clark Kent. He’s a solid, good guy. Talks about his devotion to family, commitment to his work, considered by every cast member to have been the most dedicated guy on set -- arrived first, left last. This will hopefully help him through what’s about to happen.

Attached -- Cavill on The Tonight Show.