Turns out yesterday afternoon’s cropped zipper turtleneck on Robert Pattinson was just an appetizer. This is what he wore to the gala premiere of The Lost City Of Z at the Berlinale. So…

As I said in the previous post about Robert’s current style flavour, I appreciate that he’s trying. Men only have so much to work with. And not many Hollywood stars would attempt the trim-fringe overcoat and the short pants and the combat boots with the slicked back hair. Jared Leto comes to mind. Pharrell too. Robert Pattinson, with his wide-set eyes and that quirky awkward way about him, I feel like he sees himself as a Steve Buscemi in a fashion model body. So, I get it. Kind of. And the way I imagine this going down is that Robert would have gotten dressed and knocked on Sienna Miller’s hotel room door – does this work? Should I wear this? And Sienna would have totally said yes. Because she’s Sienna. She gets it.

I guess then my problem is more with the… timing?

Robert Pattinson is not the lead on this film. This is in theory an ensemble trio but, really, Charlie Hunnam is the lead actor. And Charlie, well, we’ll get to Charlie in a minute in his own post but Charlie wasn’t here to experiment with fashion. Charlie played it straight conventional. Which makes Robert’s high fashion statement stand out even more. Which is fine, I mean he wants to stand out, but I wonder if it wouldn’t have been more effective if he had saved new high fashion aesthetic for an occasion where he was the main event?

Robert Pattinson is many things but he’s never really been a Justin Timberlake. I’ve never seen him go all ME ME ME in a situation. And I think that’s what feels off here. Not so much the actually style statement but that he made it on this particular occasion. Also… again as I mentioned yesterday with his sweater, when you dress like this, you have to f-cking sell it. You have to work it. You have to own it.

This is an outfit that is meant to generate a reaction. In his eyes, I still don’t see that he’s sold. If he can’t sell it to himself, how is he going to sell it to me?