Duana’s the name expert. And she’s always on about how she prefers that siblings be named consistently. Like if you’re going to call your son Brody, maybe a classic Esther for your daughter isn’t a great fit. Something like that. I’m sure she has a better example.

This post is not about naming siblings. But it’s about an Ian, a Nina, and a Nikki which could totally be the names of siblings.

Anyway, Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev were at Comic-Con for Vampire Diaries, like they are every year. They happily posed for photos alongside their castmates. Though they did not sit or stand together, there appeared to be no drama.

That night, they also both attended the annual Entertainment Weekly party where Ian was seen by multiple entertainment outlets “kissing and holding hands” with Nikki, pretty much confirming their relationship. Apparently Nina wasn’t around at the time. Not sure if event organisers staggered their arrivals but no one appears to be reporting that Ian and Nikki were throwing it in her face. Or, maybe, she doesn’t care.

Still. It’s a half swap for sure. Ian and Nina used to double with Nikki and her ex-husband Paul McDonald all the time. Like I said last week though, in Hollywood, where the dating pool is so small, I guess there’s less sensitivity about Code violations.

I’m not sure Nikki had an official reason to be at Comic-Con. Not that that ever stops anyone but if she wasn’t there for her own work, she would only have been there to hang out with her boyfriend. They were both at the Young Hollywood Awards last night. Is that enough to call it “inseparable”?

PS. Why do I smell a major Adam Levine vibe off of this guy?