Duana wrote about Iggy Azalea’s “Becky” issues yesterday – click here for a refresher. Basically, in the most diplomatic of ways, Duana was saying that Iggy doesn’t know what the f-ck she’s talking about. And she wasn’t the only one. So, naturally, Iggy went back on Twitter to explain herself some more. She opened like this:



“I actually like her and the project”?

God she must not know her words because that actually sounds patronising. And Iggy Azalea is giving Beyoncé her seal of approval. Like it’s up to Iggy Azalea to decide whether or not “the project” is up to standard.

I’m telling you. I told you from a long, long time ago that I wasn’t a believer, back when everyone was grooving to Fancy. Iggy Azalea. Nope.

Attached - Iggy at LAX and then JFK yesterday.