Dear Gossips,

US Weekly remembered it yesterday – an important milestone in the History of Gossip:

A shot of Brange on the beach in Africa, playing with young Maddox, 10 years ago on April 19th, 2005. It was confirmation that they were indeed together. That 3 months after he and Jennifer Aniston broke up, he and Angelina were ready to change the game. Or, rather, SHE was ready to change the game. Because we all know now that that photographer didn’t just get lucky, hanging out in Kenya on the random. She made the arrangements, Brange became the conversation, Mr & Mrs Smith was released two months later, followed by 5 more children, and a decade worth of headlines, magazine covers, and endless speculation. They’ve become an international obsession.

Angelina’s timing, as usual, was perfect. Because 10 years ago was also the first wave of gossip blogging, when the internet changed the way gossip is reported. The magazines were no longer the only players. This blog, my blog, was just a few months old. Back then, and I know it’s hard to remember it that way, blogging wasn’t as ubiquitous as it is now. Back then, few people even knew the word “blog”. So in that sense, Brange and blogs, it’s like we’re all celebrating together – the New World of Gossip.

Between Liz and Dick and Brange, we had to wait 30 years. Think of it like a Gossip Comet. So in 20 years, when the Gossip Comet returns (because Brange has been a thing now for 10 years), what will it look like? Will it be a celebrity with celebrity legacy – a Blue Ivy or a Romeo Beckham? Or will it be a celebrity self-made? Will I be too old for it? Will you be too old for it? Oh come on, do we ever outgrow gossip?

Yours in gossip,