Dear Gossips,

Duana referred to it yesterday in her name post – click here for a refresher. That would be Gaius Charles, who played Smash Williams. Smash who?

Friday Night Lights. You know, that show we’ve been nagging you to watch for almost 10 years? And then when you finally do, you email us all like, “OMG, Duana and Lainey, you were RIGHT!”

If you know Friday Night Lights, Amy Schumer’s sketch would have been even funnier. You wouldn’t appreciate Tami Taylor’s walk-away hand dancing. You wouldn’t recognise Josh Charles’s puckered Coach Taylor mouth. But the real Tami Taylor did:



I came across a question on Twitter yesterday: Is Amy Schumer the comedian we deserve?

Can we answer that question with another question? How long do we have to keep deserving Adam Sandler?

Schumer’s Trainwreck opens in July. We are all going together, right?

Yours in gossip,