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MTV says that they’ll let Miley do whatever she wants on Sunday at the VMAs. And Miley says that MTV will be letting her do whatever she wants when she’s hosting the VMAs. So the question is: what does “whatever Miley wants” look like right now? Check her Instagram. She told the NYT that that’s what the inspiration will be. Oh and that Seth Rogen and his team wrote a lot of her opening. So….weed?

More weed and less twerking. In her NYT interview to promote the show, she insists there will be no references to Robin Thicke and foam fingers. That she’s not about that life anymore. She also says she’s the “most disconnected host in history” because she doesn’t really know what videos are nominated and doesn’t listen to the music that’s being featured at the VMAs. Well that’s rich because Wrecking Ball is the reigning Video Of The Year. And that’s where Miley shows you her age. She’s grown a lot. But she’s also still just 22, still the girl who comes to the party but wants you to think she’s cooler than the party. And still the girl who wants to believe she’s above it but can’t resist getting into it.

You see that play out with how the NYT journalist draws her into the Nicki Minaj-Taylor Swift situation. Here’s Miley’s initial response to the question:

“I saw that. I didn’t really get into it. I know there was some beef. I don’t really know. There’s a way to talk to people ...”

There’s nothing there that you can turn into a headline. But the journalist went for the follow-up and then continued by informing Miley that part of Nicki’s criticism of the VMA nomination process included Miley’s Wrecking Ball too. And that’s what got Miley going. That’s why today you’ll be reading all over the internet that Miley’s answer to Nicki is that “you made it about you”.

And MTV has confirmed that Nicki will be opening the show. MTV has always been good at that, non?

Click here to read Miley’s entire interview with the New York Times.

It’ll be an all-nighter for us on Sunday so check in early on Monday for full VMAs coverage.

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