Dear Gossips,

Did you watch the Emmys?  Did you struggle with the unfamiliar feeling of the show wrapping up on time, two minutes before the end of the hour? Did you feel, like I did, that those two minutes might as well have been hours?

We’ll dig all the way into the Emmys today, into what was kind of a quiet, offbeat show, but maybe not in the worst way?  As you know, it was a very tough weekend for Lainey and Jacek and Barney, and so they’re taking another day to rest and be together and keep on remembering how much they loved Marcus.

But I’m here with all kinds of Emmy opinions for you to rant at, Sarah and Maria are chiming in too, and the beauty of a night like last night is that I feel like everyone could have a different favourite part. For some, it might be the “Shame” nun.  For me…see below.

Yours in lieu of Lainey,