Dear Gossips,

Jacek and I have received so many messages of support and understanding the last few days after our boy, Marcus, said goodbye – THANK YOU. For sharing your own stories and photos and memories of your pets. And for your donations in Marcus’s memory in support of animal shelters and humane societies in your neighbourhoods. If you’re in the Toronto area, the End Canine Cancer Walk is this weekend (on my birthday!) – click here for more information.

And a shout-out to my homies Duana, Maria, and Sarah for the Emmys coverage yesterday. What would we be without our friends? Nothing, that’s what. Thank you for supporting them and also for yelling at them. I was yelling at them too when I read all their posts. After all, what’s an award show without a fight? Example: how did no one mention the “cute little button nose”?!?

But seriously, please know how much we appreciate your emails and tweets and compassion. We are profoundly moved by how you’ve honoured Marcus. I have a friend who always jokes that Marcus is a famewhore because somehow he would always get a mention whenever I did an interview and in one article, he even made it into the photo. It would seem then that to his very last day, Marcus was the one. He would have loved that.

It’s time to get back to talking sh-t about celebrities. Thanks for wanting to talk sh-t with me. Also there are a few remaining TIFF reviews that I wasn’t able to post last week so those will go up today too. 

Yours in gossip,