It was already reported a couple of weeks ago that Charlize Theron and Sean Penn are ready to marry – click here for a refresher. Apparently they want to do it soon, in South Africa, while they’re there shooting a movie.

This week Charlize was seen at LAX with what looks like an engagement ring on her finger – click here to see the photo.

Is it?

I dare you to ask her.

And then duck.

Actually no. No amount of ducking or dodging can protect you from her bitch. I’ve been telling you she’s a bitch forever. Tia Mowry told you she was a bitch this week and now everyone’s pretending they didn’t know?

(If you hadn’t heard, Tia told INTOUCH that she went up to introduce herself once to Charlize because she’s a fan and was met with an eye-roll and a “Oh my God”.)

So maybe it’s not that she’s changed Sean Penn. Maybe it’s just that she SUITS Sean Penn.