When Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom announced their split in October, they revealed that they’d already been separated a few months. In recent weeks, the two have carried on amicably, appearing together with their son Flynn, looking so happy and comfortable that some have suggested that they’re trying to make it work again. Here they are, just the other day, on the Thanksgiving weekend… and just as news broke that she may be seeing another man, this time a billionaire.

His name is James Packer, Australia’s richest man, who also split from his wife, Erica, very recently. The Packers and the Blooms appeared to be close. They holidayed together last year. Or maybe that’s just what rich people do – agree to spend their down time with people they hardly know. Still, it would not be an exaggeration to call them all friends. And now, rumour has it, they’ve swapped partners.

If Packer’s name sounds familiar, it’s because Miranda and Orlando are not his only celebrity connections. His most notorious celebrity connection was a few years ago with Tom Cruise. Earlier this year, Packer explained that Tom came into his life at his lowest point, when he was depressed and lost – both personally and professionally. Apparently Tom could smell it on him and invited him to go skiing. He and Katie Holmes then ended up at Packer’s wedding in 2007. Packer insists that Scientology was never discussed. Right. Curiously though, his business prospects began to turn around after that. In the time since Tom reached out to him, he’s built a gambling empire. Click here to read more about how he described their relationship.  

So far Packer and Kerr have not denied the reports that they’re together despite being contacted for comment. Here’s a photo of Packer taken in July. I’ll go to hell for saying this but money is the best plastic surgery.

Packer, as you can see, isn’t Orlando Bloom and definitely not Leonardo DiCaprio and not even, ahem, Jutsin Bieber. So it’s a departure for Kerr on the pretty scale. But then again, security is a powerful aphrodisiac.