Selena Gomez was in NY last night at the UNICEF Ball. Justin Bieber was also in NY in advance of his show at Madison Square Garden tonight. Meet-up?

According to US Weekly he’s desperate to get her back. According to sources who saw him the other night inviting a girl to sit on his lap, he may not be going about it the right way. As I reported exclusively yesterday - click here for a refresher - JB invited a Selena lookalike back to his hotel to party and pulled the old “let me sit in your chair” move to get her ass on his crotch.

But you really can’t blame him since Selena wasn’t making herself available, right?

I’m told Selena was checking her phone a lot at the event. And at one point she was talking intently with Katy Perry who’s involved with a player of her own these days. I’d like to believe though that even though John Mayer is a pig, Katy Perry runs the show in that relationship. I’d like to believe that if John Mayer was entertaining randoms on his lap, Katy Perry would cut that sh-t off.

And Selena?

Well, she’s been trying. But will it stick?

Also, on the Girl Sh-t Is The Best Sh-t angle, Selena and Taylor Swift are best friends. Taylor Swift hates John Mayer. Katy is sleeping with John Mayer.

How could you talk to her, don’t you want to be on MY side???

More importantly, why does Selena have old lady hair?