Well, if he’s back together with Selena Gomez, it certainly doesn’t count when she’s not around. Is it considered cheating if you’re cheating with a lookalike of the person you’re cheating on?

For those of you who were wondering about Justin Bieber’s game, here’s an exclusive play-by-play. It all started the other night at a post-show party. My source tells me JB scanned the club and settled on a girl who strongly resembles Selena. They hadn’t even had a proper conversation and already he was inviting her back to his hotel. She wanted to bring her friends. I’m told he and his people weren’t hot on the idea but eventually agreed.

So now the girls are at the hotel and there’s a party happening in the suite and Selena Lite is sitting talking to Justin and he tells her to “stand up”. So she stands up. And he takes over her seat and says to her, “OK you can sit down again”, motioning for her to sit on his lap.

Did you cover your face and giggle?

So she stayed on his lap for a while and he asked her if she wanted to hear his new song and he wanted to know what she thought of it and that eventually progressed to kissing and light groping. But when she made it clear that it would not result in sex, well, he told her to leave. She wasn’t welcome anymore if she wasn’t giving it up. Go if you can’t be useful, right? It’s standard rock star behaviour. 

What’s his success rate then? He wouldn’t keep trying if it’s never worked before, you know?

Unfortunately Oprah didn’t ask him. Instead JB told Oprah that he has few friends and is sad sometimes. Which is in line with all the drama going down between him and Selena. Justin reportedly wanted her to be with him on the road. “Needy” is how it was described, remember? When she couldn’t because she has her own sh-t going on, he supposedly lashed out and hooked up with randoms, according to TMZ.

Oh so I guess it’s all Selena’s fault then?

If only she’d agreed to give up her own schedule to join him on his, this would have never happened.

That’s what they’ll tell themselves. That’s how the girls will defend him. How can they blame him when he’s just lonely???

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