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Dear Gossips,

Are we done talking about Beyoncé yet? When Lemonade came out it was followed by a Lemonade Syllabus. The Pregnancy Package imagery is now being analysed too. Here’s Spencer Kornhaber writing about Beyoncé’s “High Art” for The Atlantic. But today, instead of more reading links, I have something else to recommend.


Here’s my train of thought: Beyoncé will come up for sure on the next episode of the Show Your Work podcast. Duana and I typically record the podcast on Saturday mornings at my house. Every Saturday morning this year, Jacek has baked fresh bread. We haven’t bought bread once in 2017 because while we were in Vancouver for Christmas, staying with our friend Fiona, she baked this bread for us one night and Jacek went bananas. Jacek is pretty particular about bread. This bread was an all-time for him. And when he found out he could do it at home we bought a cast iron pot and he’s been baking 3 loaves of bread a week.


I was sick and useless today. Meanwhile my husband baked bread from scratch.

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You know what I learned? When you bake it right, bread “crackles”? He’s perfected the “flip”, by the way, since that video was taken. Which brings us back to Duana. She comes over every week and the house smells like bread and she’s like, when am I getting a loaf of this goddamn bread? On Wednesday he drove a loaf over to her. And then she went bananas too.

I’m pretty sure this is Jacek’s new year’s resolution, even though he’s not stated it. To not buy bread for an entire year. He may never buy bread again. Did I mention it’s a no-knead recipe? And, really, it’s not hard, not hard at all. By Bonnie Stern. No-knead artisanal bread. Some of you are going to be all like, whatever Lainey, this isn’t news. Listen. Some of us grew up in homes where bread-baking wasn’t a thing. If that’s you, and you’ve never baked bread, and you don’t even half understand how baking works, this won’t scare you away.

Bread and Beyoncé. Have a great weekend!

Yours in gossip,


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