The Academy’s Governors Awards happened this weekend. Many actors who are contenders for this year’s Oscar race had to show up, out of respect for the Academy, to make sure to be noticed by the Academy, so as to be nominated by the Academy, but pretending to be recognising the recipients of this year’s Honourary Oscars, including Jackie Chan.

I wrote about Jackie’s Oscar a few weeks ago and in that post I hoped that he would go Chinese formal for the event instead of a tux. As you can see, Jackie did indeed wear Chinese formal. And he referenced being Chinese in his acceptance speech, thanking Hong Kong, specifically, his “hood”, especially meaningful to people like me, whose parents are from Hong Kong. I spent half my adolescence in Hong Kong and Jackie Chan was a big f-cking deal in Hong Kong, still is. Because, as you can see, the man does not age. To hear a Hong Kong shout-out at the Governors Awards is pretty delightful, although it’s also worth mentioning that, remember, Hollywood needs China right now. The Hollywood Reporter dedicated an entire issue to it this month, so part of this is just business. As I wondered in a post about Nicole Kidman last week and the fact that she’s the “muse” of Wang Jianlin, the richest man in China whose ambition is to take over Hollywood, will China begin to insert itself in every aspect of show business, including the awards industry?

Cynicism aside, it’s hard to argue with Jackie Chan’s achievement. As Tom Hanks said in his introduction, Jackie has dedicated himself, all of himself, to filmmaking. He is a global superstar. And underappreciated perhaps for the kinds of movies he makes – action comedies, never at the top of the respect list. I love how everyone always talks about how many bones Jackie has broken when he’s shooting. Ahem, Leonardo DiCaprio. And I love the story that Jackie tells about holding Sly Stallone’s Oscar years ago at his house. These pictures of them together are cracking me up.