Jake Gyllenhaal opened TIFF on Thursday. On Friday he was in New York participating in the Cantor Fitzgerald annual charity day. Last night however he was back in Toronto, hanging out at the Shangri-La lobby with his brother-in-law, Peter Sarsgaard, and Joel Edgerton who are here for Black Mass. Then Dakota Johnson came to join them. When she first arrived, Jake greeted her with a kiss on the cheek but she didn’t sit next to him. They all ended up leaving together to head to dinner. At the Shang though, there was nothing overt to suggest that it’s happening. If not for those rumours a few weeks ago –click here for a refresher – we might not have even noticed.


He came back. And I don’t need to tell you, Toronto is not New York. People come to Toronto to work… and after work, they leave, and unless they have to work again, they don’t return for no reason.

So … you think she’s his reason?

Or is this about #jakequake? After Demolition premiered last week everyone started talking about how this should be the nominated performance for him, instead of Southpaw. Demolition has been pushed back though to 2016 so that Southpaw can stand alone, presumably by Harvey Weinstein's design. Some are wondering whether or not that strategy might change, and if they do want to change it, Jake could be in town for meetings with director Jean-Marc Vallee to make that happen.

You like the Dakota possibility better though, don’t you?