Jakey Gyllenhaal had dinner last night at Cipriani and left via the back door, hoping to elude photographers. Not successful.

Jakey’s been in London shooting the Prince of Persia for what seems like ever while Reese has been tied up with her kids in LA. Apparently they Skype whenever they can even though the time difference makes things wonky. It’s also the children he wants to keep in touch with too. Awww….

I’m told she has however managed to sneak in at least once without detection for a few days…

Still…long distance sucks hard. Especially since these two have become very, very serious about each other. Star Magazine says they’re about to break because of it. Coming from Star Magazine, this means you should believe the opposite.

Filming on Prince of Persia is expected to continue well into the fall which is why Jake’s next film Brothers with Tobey Maguire and Natalie Portman has been delayed to next year  – possibly summer. Brothers was originally scheduled for a December release, especially since test screenings supposedly prompted Oscar buzz.

But without Jake promoting it, it won’t stand a chance in such a loaded season. As such, they are reportedly taking it to Cannes instead and launching the campaign from there so it looks like Jakey gets an extended break after Christmas when he can rejoin his girl.

Just another 8 weeks, right?

Photos from Wenn.com