Jake Gyllenhaal was photographed in London today heading to BBC Radio presumably to promote Nocturnal Animals. The film will be released in November but it will screen at the London Film Festival next week.

It’s been quiet in Jake news lately – unless you count Tom Ford telling us that he doesn’t shave his cock bush. A couple of weeks ago it was announced that he and Carey Mulligan would be working on a film called Wildlife with Paul Dano directing and I’m sorry to say I was too preoccupied with my eye situation to notice. Paul co-wrote the script with Zoe Kazan (God I love Zoe Kazan) based on the Richard Ford book about an estranged couple and their teenage son. We don’t know yet whether or not Jake and Carey play the estranged couple but I do think it’s cute that they’ve finally found a project to work on with each other. Jake and Carey have been close for a while, and Jake and Carey’s husband, Marcus Mumford, are also known as very good friends. Will that be weird? Say, a possible love scene with your best friend’s wife? And a possible love scene with someone you see as a sibling? Look how adorable they are together!