How many actors in Hollywood have Jake Gyllenhaal hair envy right now? Did you see him on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon earlier this week though? They did this (too long) sketch where they spat at each other the whole time and his hair, which has grown quite a bit on the top, would flop down over his forehead once in a while and it was a little 90s boybandy. This doesn’t sound like a compliment but I’m telling you, he makes it work.

He also talked to Fallon about his failed auditions. Apparently he tried to be Frodo in Lord Of The Rings but Peter Jackson told him afterwards that he sucked. I believe the words were, “you are the worst actor”. It’s a funny, cute story and he tells funny, cute stories in such a funny, cute way without coming across as an exclamation point – see Tom Hiddleston?

What’s the difference? Is it unfair that there is a difference?

It’s not that one is forced and the other isn’t…but… maybe…it’s the earnest factor? Jake’s authenticity, somehow, doesn’t read so earnest, right? Not that earnestness is sh-t. I’ll take earnest over smug. But Jake Gyllenhaal has found a perfect place to live in between the two that few of his peers have been able to find.

Attached – Jake promoting Demolition yesterday.