Jake Gyllenhaal has been everywhere promoting Prisoners, opening this weekend. This morning it was with Kelly & Michael. I was watching during makeup and by the end of it, every nipple in the room was turned up, he is that appealing. Mostly during the part where they played a game called You Don’t Know Jake. Is he in or is he out…on topics varying from PDA to twerking. His reaction to the twerking question is particularly funny. Like not in a stand-up comic Louis CK way but spontaneously he makes it interesting, his organic reactions elicit a smile, his personality seems authentic and irresistible. I want to keep watching. I don’t want him to go away. In the end, that’s good television. Jakey, always, is good tv.

As for his answer to PDA…well… I saw it for myself. He and Alyssa Miller at TIFF – click here for a refresher – did not pretend they weren’t super hot for each other. They were super hot for each other and super hot period. And all the nipples at the party were turned up all the way for that too.