Jared Leto earned a loyal following after his turn on My So Called Life as Jordan Catalano. He then caught the attention of filmmakers in Requiem for a Dream and walked among the Hollywood elite after striking up a friendship with Brad Pitt during shooting for Fight Club, securing an invitation to the Pitt/Aniston wedding alongside then-girlfriend and superstar Cameron Diaz.

When he and Cameron broke up, Jared moved on to Scarlett Johansson. After a brief dalliance with Johansson, Jared starred in Chapter 27 with Lindsay Lohan. They also had an affair, though both deny it.

Next Leto decided to focus on his music, spending more time with his band 30 Seconds to something-who-cares than on a film set. Recently however it appeared as though he was making a return to the scene, and was reportedly making out with Ashley Olsen at an event in Los Angeles.

Leto’s career died suddenly on Saturday, January 19th in Park City, Utah. The cause of death was infection by Hollywood Ebola Paris Hilton who launched her virus at his lips, resulting in irreparable damage, and haemorrhaging from all professional orifices.

Jared Leto’s career was 16 years old. It will be remembered by his agent, his publicist, his bandmates, and by Claire Danes.

Photo from DListed.com