To give you things you didn’t even know you want, such as Jeff Goldblum returning to the Jurassic franchise as sexy mathematician Dr. Ian Malcolm. Last night it was announced that Goldblum will be in the as yet untitled Jurassic World sequel, joining Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard, who will hopefully not be running around in high heels this time (the heels were stupid in and of themselves, but audiences also latched onto them because Jurassic World has a lot of problems under the spectacle and they came to represent that cognitive dissonance). Also joining the sequel cast is The Get Down’s Justice Smith, and those dumb wiener kids from the last one are nowhere to be found. Already this is a better movie.

I’m not a huge fan of Jurassic World—it’s weirdly mean-spirited and condescending to its audience—but the sequel is directed by J.A. Bayona, as Colin Trevorrow has jumped ship for Star Wars. (Trevorrow is still a co-writer and executive producer, along with Steven Spielberg.) I feel a little bit better about the sequel’s chances in Bayona’s hands because he isn’t capable of spite behind the camera, although he is an emotional terrorist (see also: The Impossible, A Monster Calls), so this might turn out to be an extremely trying cinematic experience.

Jurassic Park, though, is an extremely trying cinematic experience—that movie legit made me afraid of the dark. To this day, I do not like walking into dark rooms for fear that a velociraptor—WHICH I KNOW ARE EXTINCT—will leap out and eat me. It’s not rational, but Jurassic Park instilled that fear in me. If anyone can bring the Jurassic franchise back around to that kind of visceral impact, it’s Bayona, who seems to delight in putting his audience through emotional wringers. And he’s going to do it with the eternal magnificence of Goldblum, because obviously Bayona knows what makes a good Jurassic movie: Dinosaurs and Jeff Goldblum.

Attached - Jeff Goldblum serving food at a public food truck in Sydney today.