Is Justin Theroux wearing a new pair of douchey (and darker) cut off jean shorts on holiday in Cabo, and was it just in time for NYE?

No. Those are just his long jeans. And denim, in varying lengths, I suppose, is his only bright sun option, the only below-waist option for true artists and badasses. Chin tip, fist pimp, and a slowwwww walk backwards, alright?

But were they too, on New Year’s Eve, keeping an eye cocked on their iPhone/Blackberries for late breaking Brange wedding tips? If I were Brange, I’d have it all on standby and drop it on her just as she goes into labour -- on the off chance she actually gets pregnant.

As for the book and the cover that I couldn’t make out the other day -- thank you for all your messages! -- according to many, many of you, it’s Elmore Leonard’s The Switch and it was reported last year that she was attached to the film adaptation starring John Hawkes and Dennis Quaid.

Emily Blunt is reading Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn which is being made into a movie by Reese Witherspoon. Gone Girl was one of the more high profile books of 2012 -- did you read it? Certainly engrossing and the end was satisfying enough but...I me the second half was so ...Fatal Attraction for the Internets. Like, don’t cheat on your crazy f-cking wife, OK?