Sarah usually keeps me posted on all kinds of Marvel rumours. Sometimes I’m like…um… speak slower to me and talk in civilian language because I don’t understand your comic book pentameter. Sometimes I’m like… WHAT? Cate Blanchett, really? I don’t think I remember her telling me that Jennifer Lawrence is being considered for Captain Marvel though. But I also can’t be sure that that information may have been included among a lot of other geek detail and I just missed it.

Because apparently there was a rumour that she might actually play Captain Marvel?

At least that’s what the internet is telling me today since she was asked about it during the Mockingjay Part 2 junket by Comic Book Resources:

Jennifer, there have been rumours about you playing Captain Marvel for Marvel Studios. Would you want to play in the same sandbox with Bradley Cooper and Chris Pratt?

Well, yes! I would love to play in a sandbox with those two!

Kind of a non-answer. But since it’s a non-answer the headline has now become: Jennifer Lawrence could be Captain Marvel!

Look. I’m a fan. I like her a lot. I enjoy her work. I appreciate that she’s a big f-cking deal and you’d want her attached to any project. But she’s already been Katniss and Mystique. Does she have to be Captain Marvel too? Is that really the only way this movie gets financed? Come on now.

Here’s Jennifer in Berlin tonight at the Mockingjay premiere. I hate this dress. It’s that f-cking material. It’s the worst material.