Jennifer Lawrence was back in New York yesterday after spending the weekend in LA. Here she is out for dinner last night. Without the hot bodyguard you’ve been used to seeing. This new bodyguard though…

Also hot. Maybe even hotter?

Is that why she’s in such a good mood? Or was it the wine?

As you can see, Jennifer, who hasn’t been all that friendly for the paps recently, decided to give them some really great shots – chopsticks in her mouth, mock model strutting out of the car, big fake smile…

It’s another way of saying f-ck you, obviously, but are you curious at all about the timing? Yesterday everyone was looking at those photos of Chris Martin’s midnight promenade with Kylie Minogue in London. My Photo Assumption was calling Just Friends on the situation but now I’m wondering if this display could possibly have been a reaction…?


No conspiracy, just coincidence?