Jesse Plemons played Landry (Lance, to coach) on Friday Night Lights. Does this make Kirsten Dunst the real life Tyra Collette?

ANYwayyyyy, according to Page Six Kirsten and Jesse are engaged. Apparently this past weekend, Golden Globes weekend. The Daily Mail is pointing out that she was wearing a diamond ring at the Palm Springs Festival last week. OK but that was before the Golden Globes. So did it happen this weekend? Did it happen at all? So far, no denials. Duana’s reaction: “AS IF THOSE TWO ARE ENGAGED”. I don’t know what this means. I do know that Landry has three movies coming out this year. And he’s playing Lenny Shepherd in The Bell Jar, which Kirsten is directing. She also co-wrote the screenplay. So they fell in love while working together and they’re working together again while engaged to each other, or maybe by then they’ll already be married?

Have you seen Hidden Figures yet? Kirsten is in Hidden Figures. As Duana, Emily, and I were driving home after the movie on Saturday, Duana noted that Kirsten has, more and more, been drawn to playing “ugly” people. As in people with ugly personalities. She has an ugly personality in Hidden Figures. She has an ugly personality in Fargo. In Melancholia, she was told to believe that her depression was ugly, and to suppress it. Ugly here, obviously I hope, means not a cheerleader. Always the smartest, Duana wondered at the end of that observation whether or not “only beautiful people can get away with it”. But then again, I wonder if that’s how Kirsten Dunst survived child stardom. It’s not like she escaped its curse. She too went through a time. And you hear so many of them reflect back on it and talk about how the outside never matched how they felt on the inside. The armchair psychologist might say she’s working through all that creatively. And that her relationship – and possible future marriage – too is a way of distancing herself from the Hollywood image she wants to leave behind. Kirsten and Jesse are far from what we’d call a garden variety “showbiz couple”. One day, if it comes to that, if we get that far, I wonder if they’ll be another, say, Felicity Huffman and William H Macy – super talented, both of them, always working, highly respected, but not at all in the spotlight.