Justin Timberlake is in Puerto Rico shooting a new movie. It’s his third, back to back. That’s what Ryan Gosling did last year which, obviously, because it’s Ryan Gosling. But Justin Timberlake? The acting of Justin Timberlake’s acting is like the writing of Hilary Duff.

Anyway, here’s JT’s fiancée at the beach yesterday showing off her sick body while her man is at work on Runner, Runner. The female lead in Runner, Runner is Gemma Arterton - British, beautiful, and totally his type. Arterton has a great ass. And, well, it’s not like he’s never been unfaithful on set before. It’s not like Arterton doesn’t fit the physical category of, say, an Olivia Munn or a Mila Kunis. And you certainly don’t want to leave your future husband open to temptation so close to your wedding date, right? This, Shelfy, is the price of forgiveness.