It was announced the other day that Jessica Biel will be starring in and producing a TV series called The Sinner about a mother who is “overcome by an inexplicable fit of rage and commits a startling and very public act of violence”. She doesn’t understand her own motivation so she teams up with an investigator to figure out what it is in her past that led her to snap.

As you know, Jessica started in television. And then, as all actors do, they go for the big goal: film. They all want to be movie stars. And, well, while Jessica has done movies, they didn’t make her a movie star. Since she was last on a regular TV show though, television has arguably surpassed the movies in storytelling, in diversity, in opportunities for women. Television has been growing in prestige. And while actors still, in their hearts (it’ll still be a while before they admit it), are reaching for that movie ring, more and more actors are finding their way back to TV now that it’s become obvious among their peers that it isn’t necessarily a “step backward”.

This is the right move for Jessica Biel. She’s never convinced me that she can carry a movie which is a two-hour one-shot deal that can often set up more favourably to a different kind of performer. I feel the same way about Sarah Jessica Parker. That said, there are some movie stars who I would not want to see in TV shows. Bruce Willis? No thank you. Jennifer Lawrence? I enjoy Jennifer Lawrence but, nope. Jessica Biel, however, I think I can handle one hour week in a series. In fact, I think she’ll be pretty good at it.


Attached - Jessica leaving the gym and out for lunch late last week in LA.