Oh please enjoy this.

I know I will. I am. Very much.

It’s Mrs Timberlake with her husband in New York at Timbaland’s birthday party last night. We are all good above the waist and that coat is beautiful.



I don’t have to point them out. You can see. She WANTS you to see. If she didn’t want you to see, she’d have let go of his hand, put both of hers in her pocket, and drawn the sides of her coat in towards the centre of her body to cover her legs.

First of all, Mrs Timberlake would never miss an opportunity to be photographed holding her husband’s hand when he’s willing to be photographed holding her hand, and second, why would she cover her legs when she’s so proud of her style?

Someone has told Mrs Timberlake that she is totally runway. And Mrs Timberlake believed it. After all, she’s totally in with Beyonce and Jay-Z now. And seeing as she doesn’t have much work coming her way, and will most likely join her husband on tour, why not try to recreate herself as some kind of fashion person -- joining the growing list of “mocktresses” as described in The Hollywood Reporter yesterday. Did you read that article? The Jessica Albas and the Kate Bosworths, who’ve made a career out of accepting free clothes and just showing up somewhere.