Of the three names in the movie, Jessica Biel was the only one who showed last night at the New York premiere of Total Recall. Strange. Especially Colin Farrell’s absence. He’s the main dude.

So it was on Shelfy then to carry the NYC load. Here she is in white lace with something terribly unfortunate around her arms last night at the screening and a business office dress for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and then this morning, as usual much better when she’s casual, in all orange with a pair of really cute oxfords.

The movie opens today. I don’t know about you but even if I did have a free weekend, I wouldn’t be at the movies because... obviously...the Olympics. In the end I wonder if it ends up being not The Dark Knight Rises they needed to avoid but London 2012. Or not. Maybe it’s just me in an Olympic bubble. But the reviews aren’t great either. They’re not as sh-t as, say, an Adam Sandler movie or anything but hovering around 30% on Rotten Tomatoes isn’t exactly encouraging.