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The X-Men limp to the finish line

Sarah Posted by Sarah at June 6, 2019 19:44:09 June 6, 2019 19:44:09
Axelle/ Bauer-Griffin/ Jon Kopaloff/ Steve Granitz/ Rich Fury/ Matt Winkelmeyer/ Getty Images

With Disney taking over Fox, and the X-Men returning to Marvel Studios’ control, the X-Men franchise is now a lame duck. Dark Phoenix, which should have been the next stop in the two-decade-long franchise, is now the culmination of the franchise that began with 2000’s X-Men. (New Mutants, which was supposed to be the start of a new branch of X-movies, is now a truncated offshoot. Full Story

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It: No thank you

Sarah Posted by Sarah at May 9, 2019 19:19:37 May 9, 2019 19:19:37
YouTube/ Warner Bros. Pictures

It was a surprise monster hit in 2017—it’s the highest-grossing horror film ever—and a sequel was immediately greenlit for 2019. Well, the teaser trailer for that sequel, It: Chapter 2, is here and all I have to say is: No thank you. All full up on horror over here. I’m good. Watch this teaser right now, and then come back and let’s talk about why it’s so good. Full Story

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Dark Phoenix is doomed

Sarah Posted by Sarah at February 28, 2019 16:46:30 February 28, 2019 16:46:30

Sometimes you look at a trailer and think it can go either way—the movie might be better than this, or might be exactly as bad as this trailer is making it seem. Marvel trailers tend to be like that. Between their habit of cutting around any potentially plotty scenes and a standardized edit template, Marvel trailers can be very same-y, a bit boring even, and definitely withholding the good stuff. Full Story

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Jessica Chastain’s inevitable It future

Sarah Posted by Sarah at February 21, 2018 18:26:56 February 21, 2018 18:26:56
Don Arnold/ Getty Images

As soon as It premiered last year, the internet began fantasy casting Jessica Chastain in the sequel as the adult Beverly. If you’re not aware, It is a story in two parts, the first in the past—the 1950s in the TV miniseries, the 1980s in the movie—and the second in the present, with the characters now grown adults. Full Story

Octavia Spencer & Jessica Chastain show their work

Lainey Posted by Lainey at January 25, 2018 15:14:21 January 25, 2018 15:14:21
Kevork Djansezian/ NBC/ C Flanigan/ Jason Merritt/ Michael Loccisano/ George Pimentel/ Getty Images

Octavia Spencer told a really great Show Your Work story at Sundance this week. Octavia and Jessica Chastain are good friends. Over a year ago, Jessica reached out to Octavia because she wanted them to do a movie together. During those discussions, they talked about pay equity and how men are paid so much more in Hollywood than women. Full Story

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Will there be tiaras? 

Lainey Posted by Lainey at January 4, 2018 17:51:27 January 4, 2018 17:51:27
Leon Bennett/ Emma McIntyre/ Rich Fury/ Getty Images

Three more sleeps until the Golden Globes on Sunday. You know what I just remembered? You know what won’t be happening at the Golden Globes on Sunday? This:  That same year, in 2015, on the Avengers: Age Of Ultron press tour, Jeremy Renner was dragged Full Story

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TIFF Review: Molly’s Game

Sarah Posted by Sarah at September 11, 2017 15:33:18 September 11, 2017 15:33:18
Phillip Faraone/ J. Countess/ GP Images/ George Pimentel/ Walter McBride/ Getty Images

Molly’s Game is Aaron Sorkin’s directorial debut, but it’s Jessica Chastain’s movie from start to finish. Written by Sorkin, adapted from Molly Bloom’s memoir as the mastermind of the world’s most exclusive poker game, unsurprisingly Molly’s Game is mostly a series of flashy monologues characters spit at each other like they’re in a particularly classy rap battle. Full Story

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