Last week it was announced that my Porny would launch her own denim line, Jessica Simpson Jeans, or something. This decision was met with ... mild horror. Porny has a terrible jeans track record. And if her outing this weekend was any indication, well, we’re in for more laughs, and she’s in for more ridicule. Sad that it has to be that way but it’s her fault for not having good friends.

So here she is the other night, out with her main gay leaving a steakhouse, modelling a pair of light wash diaper fit, mom length skinny jeans... WHAT?

No, they’re not as appalling as the high waisted sh-ts, but still. This is ... not... good. If this is what she’s marketing on a large scale, this is very not good. If you frequent the mall, this is what will be assaulting your eyes. And you know what makes me angriest? Look at that bitch, Ken Paves. Great leather jacket, well fit sweater and slacks...

So he can put himself together but he leaves our girl out to stumble. Like the Victoria Beckham of hair stylists. And my Porn is witless and defenceless!

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