Johnny Depp and Amber Heard finally settled their divorce last week. He will be paying her the $7 million he agreed to in installments, less the $100,000 that he’d already donated to her designated charities. But just as soon as he wrapped up that legal problem, we found out on Friday that he’s suing his former business managers for $25 million. Johnny is alleging that Joel and Rob Mandel mismanaged his assets. Which is why he’s selling off properties around the world. You’ll recall, I reported back in December that Johnny was short on cash. And this is how he’s explaining it. Joel and Rob Mandel are denying misconduct and insist that Johnny’s money issues are a result of his “profligate spending” and insist that they’d tried to bail out his ass on multiple occasions and that he needs to take full responsibility for his financial situation.

The Wall Street Journal covered the lawsuit on Friday, with details about how the Mandels allegedly distributed money “to people close to or who worked for (Johnny) without his knowledge, including $7 million to one unnamed individual, ‘in order to curry favor...thereby consolidating their own position as his advisers’”. It gives you some sense of the kind of sh-t that can orbit a star like Johnny Depp. He’s certainly not the first high profile celebrity to have lost a lot of money and sue his managers for shadiness and negligence. On this week’s Show Your Work podcast, Duana and I discuss how and why this keeps happening and whether or not this works for or against Johnny’s public image. But only after a brief recap of the Golden Globes and how we now have a different opinion of Brie Larson.

From there we move on to Zoe Saldana and Nicole Kidman, both making headlines over the last few days over their comments about the upcoming Donald Trump presidency. Basically, Nicole will be fiiiinnne. But will Zoe?

As you know, last week’s black-ish addressed the outcome of the election and deserves all the rewards, but what is the process of putting a show like that together in such a short time? Kenya Barris is showing us the work. Hidden Figures also shows us the work – work that isn’t typically considered cinematic. But, somehow, a movie about math – and black women doing math – topped the box office for the second week in a row… beating out both Ben Affleck AND Mark Wahlberg. Go see Hidden Figures.

Finally… we answer the question: do we need to care about Victoria Beckham? OBVIOUSLY!

Attached – Amber Heard, enjoying her freedom.

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